Sunday, Feb. 28th 2010

Spent the evening in Cherry Creek S.P. – plenty of wildlife around including a red-tailed hawk (very close, but too many branches in the way), two far-off bald eagles, several coyotes and whitetail deer, but the muted winter light was just horrible for photography. I’m really ready for the spring to bring some sunshine, blue skies and color back to these grey and brown foothills.

Saturday, Feb. 27th 2010

Spent another nice afternoon at Chatfield with my wife – hiked in to the trees to look for the owl, after a half hour of searching I found it roosting about 20 feet up. The light was less than optimum, and there were too many branches in the way to get great shots. Spotted a ton of hawks, but other than that is was an uneventful yet still incredibly enjoyable evening.

Friday, Feb. 26th 2010

Another 6-coyote day at Chatfield – from the Highline Canal to Fox Run, the song dogs were out in full force. One of the Plum Creek yearlings made an appearance, as well as the alphas and an unknown yote. The Catfish Flats female took down another goose, this time alone, just west of Kingfisher.

The male was about a half mile south of her, hunting voles on the far side of a row of trees, unaware of the entire thing. We watched her for a while, then finished the day with a couple of close hawks at Massey Draw.

Thursday, Feb. 25th 2010

Spent the late afternoon taking pictures of mule deer at Deer Creek, then Dan and I headed to Chatfield for sunset coyotes. Found the Plum Creek’s (male and female alphas, not sure where the 2 yearlings were) at their usual spot, in sight but way out of camera range in the blowing snow, so we hit the west side of the park. Caught the beautiful Catfish Flats couple (see Valentine’s Day trip report) out in the snow. These two are excellent hunters, this is the first time I’ve ever seen coyotes succeed at hunting geese. My coyote luck seems to be getting a little better, finally – spotted 6 of them today.

Saturday, Feb. 20th 2010

Attempted to drive up to the Rampart Range area with Dan, but turned around due to the snow storm. Spent the rest of the evening at Chatfield, trying our best to get shots of the only subjects readily available, red-tailed hawks in terribly low light. Saw a coyote, some whitetails, and the usual porcupine – all too far away to get decent shots. Another rough winter day…

Thursday, Feb. 18th 2010

Dan and I went to Daniels Park for bison, snow moved in and shots were horrible so we moved east to avoid the storm. Scouted around Castlewood Canyon S.P. and surrounding areas – saw a herd of elk (all bulls, too far away for any decent shots), a red fox and various hawks.

Kathie Lynch: Druid wolf pack likely to fade away

Down to one wolf. I guess that means the end of the wolf pack. The Druid Peak wolf pack was formed in the release enclosure back in 1996. Most of the wolves came from the same pack in British Columbia, but not all. For example the big alpha male came from another pack. The Druids immediately set about trying, and then finally succeeding to dominate the Lamar Valley. It was a good 14 years with hundreds of thousands of people seeing them.

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Hunting Wolves : Saving Wolves on PBS

Last year the Obama Administration removed federal protection from some of the wolves that had been restored to the northern Rockies under the Endangered Species Act. The move paved the way for controversial state-regulated wolf hunts.

NOW, with David Brancaccio, takes a comprehensive look at all sides of the wolf issue.

Show airs on PBS on February 26th at 8:30 PM (MST)
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Mexico to Reintroduce Wolves in N.E. Sonora

The reintroduction, scheduled to occur as early as this month, has forced U.S. state and federal agencies to scramble. Their problem is to figure out what to do if a wolf wanders north into the United States.
So far, their answer isn’t pleasing ranchers: They’ll treat any wolves from Mexico as fully endangered and therefore largely untouchable…

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