“The Guys”

© Teklanika Photography 2010
© Teklanika Photography 2010

Rocky Mountain Elk (Cervus canadensis nelsoni)
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Sony A200
Sony 75-300mm lens @ 300mm
1/250 sec @ f5.6
iso 200
© Teklanika Photography 2010

“Bull Elk in Velvet”

© Teklanika Photography 2010
© Teklanika Photography 2010

Rocky Mountain Elk (Cervus canadensis nelsoni)
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Sony A200
Sony 75-300mm lens @ 120mm
1/400 sec @ f5.6
iso 400
© Teklanika Photography 2010

Study Begins on Survival of Elk Calves in Bitterroot

courtesy of the Missoulian
by Perry Backus, Ravalli Republic

A three-year study to evaluate the factors affecting elk calf survival officially begins this week in the East and West forks of the Bitterroot Valley.

Crews will use a helicopter and net-guns to capture up to 40 elk over the course of the three to four days. Biologists will evaluate their condition and pregnancy rates, and then attach radio collars before releasing them.

The study hopes to unlock the mystery of why elk calf survival rates have been declining in the Bitterroot Valley since 2004.

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Missouri Men Pay for Poaching in Colorado

courtesy of Colorado Division of Wildlife

Three Missouri men have paid a high price for deciding to kill bull elk in the Colorado high country last fall without having valid bull elk licenses. In addition to paying hefty fines, the men now face the loss of hunting privileges in Colorado and 34 other states.

The incident was reported by other hunters to Colorado Division of Wildlife Officer Tom Knowles on Oct. 28, 2010, after the three suspects had pulled out of camp and headed east. Responding to an area near East Miller Creek where the men had been reported hunting, Knowles recovered three bull elk carcasses, ballistic evidence and DNA samples.

“We were fortunate that other hunters in the area were able to give us descriptions of the men and their vehicle,” said Knowles. “Without the watchful eyes of true sportsmen, we might never have found out about this crime.”

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DOW Seeks Information on Packer Gulch Poaching

by Colorado DOW

The Colorado Division of Wildlife and Operation Game Thief are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the identification of the poacher or poachers who shot two bull elk in Packer Gulch, 5miles west of Tarryall Reservoir over one week ago in Park County.

Officers received a call on Dec. 30, at approximately 2:00 pm, regarding two dead elk in Unit 50.It appears someone shot the elk and left them in the Packer Gulch area in the early morning hours. Hunters found the two four-point elk lying alongside of Forest Service Road 144 and called them in to the DOW.

Anyone who might have been in the area of Forest Service Roads 209, 239, and the Schoolmarm Mtn/ Tarryall Reservoir area that morning and might identify other vehicles driving the roads is encouraged to call OGT at 1-877-265-6648 or their local Colorado Division of Wildlife office. Callers may remain totally anonymous.

Learn more about Operation Game Thief at: http://wildlife.state.co.us/RulesRegs/LawEnforcement/OperationGameThief/

For more information about Division of Wildlife go to: http://wildlife.state.co.us.

Hunters Convicted of Illegally Taking Elk in Montana

by the Associated Press

Wildlife officials say a multiyear investigation into the illegal killing of elk in northcentral Montana’s Phillips County has led to the convictions of 11 hunters from several states.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks criminal investigator Lennie Buhmann says $37,300 in fines and restitution has been collected in the case, which involves defendants from Montana, South Dakota, Utah and Arizona.

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Wolves, Elk and Slob Hunting

by Matt Skoglund

I write because two recent news stories made me want to throw my computer out the window. (Click here and here for the stories.)

The two news stories describe “slob hunters” in Montana carelessly blasting into elk herds on the run at long distances, wounded elk left to slowly die on their own, unclaimed dead cow elk, and hunting behavior that would have enraged Teddy Roosevelt.

Slob-hunting is bad for elk, bad for other wildlife, bad for the future of hunting, and bad for the environment. It’s time to apply more public pressure to put an end to slob-hunting.

Or we could just keep on blindly blaming those god damn wolves…

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