© Teklanika Photography 2011
© Teklanika Photography 2011

Teslin Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada
Sony A200
Sony 18-70mm lens @ 60mm
1/200 sec @ f13
iso 100
© Teklanika Photography 2011

New Book Tracks the History of Yukon Wolves

courtesy of CBC.CA
by Dave White

Bob Hayes probably knows more about the Yukon’s wolves than anyone else.

As a government biologist, he spent more than two decades studying their behaviour, learning about their history in the territory, and the symbolic importance to the Yukon.

He also collected a lot of great stories along the way, and he has used all of that to create his first book, Wolves In The Yukon.

Click here to listen to the interview with Bob Hayes

Wildlife Hysteria: Nova Scotia’s War on Coyotes

courtesy of The Chronicle Herald
by Billy MacDonald and David Orton

In Nova Scotia, coyotes are designated “other harvestable wildlife” and can be shot or otherwise killed year-round with no “bag limit.” There is also an NDP government-initiated, subsidized trapping program, through a “pelt-incentive” of $20 per dead coyote, for licensed trappers.

We are informed that coyotes seen near communities — for example, around schools — “are to be captured and killed.” A Department of Natural Resources press release of Jan. 21, 2011, states: “More than 800 coyote pelts have been shipped to market this season, a 51 per cent increase over the same period last season.” Government media releases have spoken of aiming to kill 4,000 coyotes!

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