Saturday, Feb. 13th 2010

Left the house around 1:00, picked up Dan and headed to Roxborough State Park. Most of the mulies were grazing up high on the hogback, way out of my camera range. No sign of the bald eagle that’s been out on the lake lately – hopefully it’s still in the area, I haven’t had the chance to get any decent shots of it yet. Left Roxy and headed to Deer Creek Canyon Park, found the main deer herd at their usual spot. The mule deer bucks, unlike their whitetail cousins, have yet to drop their antlers. Got a couple close shots of a yearling, waited for the big bucks to get up and move toward us but gave up after an hour.

Exited the Deer Creek area and headed to Chatfield. Plenty of red-tailed hawks at Chatty, just out of my range – still working toward that 500mm lens! Spent a little while shooting the mallards and goldeneyes at the flooded Plum Creek area, really beautiful birds. We’ve been having better luck with coyotes on the west side of the park lately, so we headed that way around 4:30. No canines around so we spent a half hour or so shooting canada goose close-ups – there’s got to be around 500 of them taking a break from their migration to refuel at the park. We decide to call it a day and started to head home, but just as we reached the entrance road we spotted a coyote mousing near the shoulder. Spent the rest of the sunset hour with the yote, got some shots but the light was less than perfect – still a great way to end the day!

Comments and critiques are greatly appreciated, thanks!

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