Legislators: Scared of Bears

courtesy of The Huffington Post
by Wendy Keefover-Ring

In 1992, 70% of Colorado voters passed Proposition 10, the citizen-led initiative that banned bear hunting in springtime. It also banned the use of dog packs that some used to chase down bears — so they could be cornered and shot at a convenient distance.

Hunting mother bears in springtime orphans their cubs. Bear cubs depend on their mothers for about 17 months. In other words, if one shoots the mom, the shooter will also indirectly kill the babes — likely all three of them.

Colorado legislators have signaled they’d like a bear slaughter. House Bill 11-1294 puts a bull’s eye on female bears and their cubs, and crushes the will of 70% of Coloradoan voters. Simply put: this bill is bad for bears and voters.

Who would allow some hunters to hunt nursing mother bears and leave their cubs orphaned and starving?

Twenty Republicans — led by J. Paul Brown — and lone Democrat Wes “Cowboy” McKinley.

Seventy percent of Coloradans voted to protect mother bears and their cubs. Their voices will be relegated to the past if this bill passes.

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