Happy New Year – 2011 Highlights

Quite a year for me! I’ve gone from working with fish for the Division of Wildlife in Colorado to working with birds at the Bird Treatment & Learning Center, a wild bird rehab and education center in Alaska.

As for wildlife watching and photography, I’ve had many “firsts” this year, including…
– photographed Burrowing Owl

– photographed Dall Sheep

– photographed Bobcat (at quite a distance, but still a first for me)

– photographed Orca and Humpback Whale

– watched a Black Bear hunt Dall Sheep on steep cliffs (no photo of the chase, but really cool to see)

– photographed Arctic Tern and other birds of Alaska

– watched & photographed a Wolf feeding on a Caribou carcass (at quite a distance as well, but still a first for me)

– had a close encounter alone with a Grizzly Bear (again, no photo of the action, happened too fast)

– “howled in” a Wolf

Happy New Year!

Comments and critiques are greatly appreciated, thanks!

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