December 31, 2012


Wow, seems like 2012 just flew by! It has been a great year – here are some of my photography highlights:

– 24,842 photos taken throughout 2012
– first great gray owl photos
– first snow bunting photos
– first northern hawk owl photos
– first decent photos of the Aurora Borealis, finally!
– 6 lynx sightings, and my first lynx photos
– incredible number of bear photo opportunities this year (thanks to Michael Bay for building the treestands along the creek)
– trusty Sony camera, lens and tripod slid into a raging river while photographing brown bears, lost forever
– special thanks to the incredible kindness of photographers Bill and Sharon Larson, Dick Williams and Dan Carline, I was able to salvage the busy summer photography season with borrowed gear
– first short-tailed weasel photos
– several trips to Denali National Park, including four days of the coveted “road lottery” (thank you Larson’s!!!)
– inducted into an excellent wildlife watcher / photography group, RLAC (Road Lottery Addicted Crew)
– first gyrfalcon photos
– first Alaskan pika photos
– new camera! switched from Sony to Canon (thanks again to photographer Dick Williams for his incredible continuing support, I owe you big time buddy!)

Thankful for an excellent 2012 and looking forward to a great 2013, happy new year!


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