July 5, 2010

Spent the day with my wife and her mom at Mission:Wolf, a wonderful wolf sanctuary near Westcliffe, CO. I was first introduced to Mission:Wolf last year at the Defenders of Wildlife Carnivore Conference, and have been a huge fan of the great folks that operate the sanctuary (and, of course, the wolves) since then.

Here’s a snippet from their website –

“Mission:Wolf is a peaceful wolf sanctuary located in the remote mountains of Colorado. Many people who visit the sanctuary are astounded by how far removed we are from civilization. This comes from the desire to provide our resident wolves with the most peaceful life as possible. We have large fenced-in areas for the wolves to call home. We experience the tragedy that results when wolves are confined to captivity; therefore we discourage the keeping of wolves as pets.

To ensure the wolf’s survival in the wild lands of the United States, we accept donations and have an online store. We use the proceeds to educate the public about wolves and the importance of habitat protection.

Anyone is welcome to visit Mission:Wolf for a unique educational experience.”

One thought on “July 5, 2010

  1. To have had the priviledge of being in the presence of these guardians remains in my heart, like a bright light of hope. Thanks for capturing some of the essence here so beautifully, Guy!!!

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