November 14, 2010 – Old & New Shots

In an effort to conserve disk space and clean up my hard drive, I’ve been going through my files and deleting unwanted shots. I came across a couple of decent shots that, for one reason or another, I’d overlooked.

2 thoughts on “November 14, 2010 – Old & New Shots

  1. You’ve got some excellent shots here. My favorite is the first fox in the snow.

    After trying CDs, DVDs and flash drives for image storage I’ve finally settled on using a portable hard drive. Each month I create a folder with the month and year on my laptop and download photos from the SD card to that folder. After deleting the obvious flubbed shots each day’s shoot is saved in its own sub folder. The first of each month I move the previous month’s file to the portable drive and start again. It works well for me and one drive is much easier to keep track of than a stack of disks. When I fill this 1TB drive I’ll just buy a new one.

Comments and critiques are greatly appreciated, thanks!

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